Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The VARF, Part 3

Noam's VARF adventure continues!

After the alpacas, we ran across Mad Maggie. She was juggling. Noam had never seen such a thing before and wanted a closer look. Mad Maggie obliged. I don't think that's quite what Noam had in mind.


Noam found some pirate ducks on a board. He decided to follow them. They did not mind, but said he needed an eye patch and warned him that he might get wet. Noam did not want to board any further.

We're boarding!

Next, it was back to the militia encampment to visit with my dad again. Noam did not understand the stocks. He wanted to go in so he could see for himself.

I'm innocent!

One of my favorite features of this festival is the stone labyrinth set in a field. It is a meditative process to walk the spiral-like paths in to the center and back out. Noam really enjoyed it.

There's peace here.

As is tradition after any day at a Renaissance festival, we were starving! We fought some traffic and finally found a nice restaurant to take a break, replenish some fluids, and fill our bellies. At the end of the meal, Noam played with the origami bunnies.

Two, three, and hop!

It was another long car ride to my parents' house were Noam and I were staying for the night. He settled in before I was even ready for bed!

Turn off the light, please!

Noam and I had so much fun at the VARF with our friends. I hope we can do it again soon!

Noam's next adventure is this weekend's kayak and camping trip. He's got his gnome bag all ready. I know we'll have a great time. Stay tuned!

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