Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet My Gnome

My world is a gnomish place. It is full of Gnomes. I have a colony of Gnomes, eagerly awaiting new homes.

One Gnome decided he did not want to go away to some other home. I told him he could stay with me, and he told me his name was Noam. Noam, the Gnome.

Noam says hello!

I am going to be on vacation for the next two weeks, and Noam wants to come with me. He promised to take lots of pictures so you, dear readers, can follow him on his vacation.

Noam's journey started with getting to know my home.

Noam loves Miss Luna!

Noam liked cuddling up to my cat, Miss Luna. She was warm and fluffy!

Look out, Noam!

I think Miss Luna thought Noam got too close. Poor Noam!

Goodnight, little Gnome!

After an ordeal like that, Noam was exhausted! He cuddles up with the bucky creature, Vímn. She's full of comfy buckwheat hulls. What a great bed!

Next, Noam experiences the Virginia Renaissance Festival. Stay tuned!

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