Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Quick Outing and New Friend Part 2

We're back! And we took Noam and Squirt with us to the dentist! They were both very scared and stayed well away as my dentist was working. I expected both of them to think the dentist was torturing me, but I guess they must have seen that I was perfectly fine and asked questions instead (questions that I could only answer with an unladylike grunt!).

Does it hurt? What's that thing for? Does it taste good?

Noam spent time talking to the receptionist while Squirt took a nap as we were waiting for my parents to get done. I let them both to their thing, since I had projects to work on.

This is my friend!
After getting nice clean teeth, it's tradition that we go and dirty them up again. We went to Red Robin because we needed the fast service we have come to expect from them in order to make our movie in time. The nice people gave Noam and Squirt some crayons and a place mat with games so they could play while we waited for food. They were joined by the origami bunnies too!

Squirt likes to color.

We all had fun finding words!
After lunch was the movie. This is what Noam was really looking forward to. It was his first movie! Even Squirt, who had only joined us that morning, was excited to be seeing it.

Shh, it's starting!

. . . .

I know Noam and our new friend Squirt had a great day out and about. Noam tells me that Squirt, being such a little piggy, doesn't like going out much. He's afraid he will get lost in the big world. I can understand that. Since this trip, Squirt stays home most of the time. He likes it there. There is room in Noam's Gnomish Travel Basket for Squirt when he does decide to come with us.

Noam's next adventure will be the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I've been waiting to bring Noam to this for months. It should be great fun!

Friday, August 28, 2009

One Quick Outing and New Friend Part 1

Poor Noam! I forgot to put up this adventure. He's mad at me. This turned out to be a very important day for him. Not only was it his first trip to the dentist, and his first movie, he met a new friend!

The day started like any other day. Noam and I were going to join my parents on the back patio for breakfast before we went to our appointment. Noam noticed something on the fountain that I didn't notice.

What's that?

When he went over to look, he found something wonderful! A tiny three-legged piggy! He was just like the bigger piggies that Noam plays with every day while they're waiting for new homes, only much much smaller. Noam said his name was Squirt, because he is definitely the runt of the three-legged piggy family. Squirt's voice is too soft for me to hear.

Hi, Squirt!

Noam, being the wonderfully friendly Gnome that he is, invited Squirt to say with us. They both shared my breakfast.

We like the fruit!
Since this day was a day for going to the dentist. I had to show Noam and Squirt how to brush their teeth. I'm so happy that I had a little Noam-sized toothbrush! Squirt needed some extra help.

Am I supposed to eat that?
And, we must not forget to floss!
That's not how you do it, guys!
Tomorrow, we'll see what happened at the dentist, and after! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look Out Behind You

Halloween Gnomes and other Elementals are coming soon.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They're Here!

Gnomish Travel Baskets have arrived!

They're nice and big so there's plenty of room for a Gnome and all the things he finds on his travels. A seat belt is secured by a single button in the back. This strap can be twisted to make a tighter, more secure fit. A button on the right secures the hanging strap.

Your Gnome can travel in his basket . . .

. . . on your purse . . .

. . . on your belt . . .

. . . or from the mirror in your car!

I bet you can think of many more places to secure your Gnome in his Gnomish Travel Basket! Noam and I tested it thoroughly. He was tipped this way and that in his basket over the past week, and even fell out of a bag and rolled to the floor of my car (that's what I get for not securing him to the bag!). The whole time, he stayed secure and safe in his basket. We're certain your Gnome will love his Gnomish Travel Basket!

Gnomes fit snugly inside and are secured with a seat belt. There's plenty of room if your Gnome should be wearing his Gnomish Cape of Warmth, too!

The Gnomish Cape of Warmth is ready also. It's a simple cape that fastens around a Gnome's neck with a small loop and button. Keep your Gnome cozy and warm in the coming cold seasons!

Here is the Gnomish Travel Basket with a Gnomish Cape of Warmth. Both are available by special request. You're seeing a Gnomish Travel Basket in forest browns and greens and a Gnomish Cape of Warmth in camouflage browns. (You may have noticed that Noam's Gnomish Travel Basket is a nice, sage green.) Almost any color is available.

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Gnomes

A new set of Gnomes is up in the shop. A few more are coming over the next few days. I'm particularly fond of this pair. I hope you like them too! Check out the shop for details!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Result

Thanks, everyone for your support with the fan art contest. I'm here to report that I won!! It makes me happy, because I worked very hard on that project.

My prize was a signed copy of the graphic novel. I think my comic-gurumis approve!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Testing in Progress!

Noam is hard at work testing new Gnomish Travel Baskets. His friend who now lives far away (and is having great adventures with his new human, I'm told) requested one. Noam and I have been working hard to make sure it is gnice and comfy and Gnomes will feel safe and secure riding in one. It's also roomy so Noam and all his friends can carry all the little gnick-gnacks they may find on their travels!

Coming soon!

Also, I expect the Garden Gnome's nearest neighbor, Sylphs, will be arriving soon. Stay tuned!