Friday, June 26, 2009

Noam's Paddling Expedition Part 1

This year, I was very excited to go on the annual Patuxent River Sojourn. Noam was thrilled to be coming with me. It was a new experience for both of us!

The first day was Thursday, and not much was going on. Noam waited in my little camping chair.

When does the fun start?

After the tent was all set up and the kayaks unloaded, I left Noam to go park the car at our final destination. I took a bus with other paddlers back to our camp ground. Just as we got back, everyone was getting ready for dinner.

Time for chow!

Dinner was a barbecue beef thing and some yummy veggie salads. It was also a great time to chat with and get to know other paddlers.

Are you going to finish that?

After a brief meeting about the trip and what to expect, we had drumming around the campfire. I was told these were some kind of Navajo drums, Noam just liked to jump up and down on them.

Boom! Boom!

After a long night of drumming, it was time to hit the sack! We had to rest up to get an early start for one of the two longest paddles of the trip.

Goodnight, Gnome.

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