Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Trip to Maryland

Heading to Maryland in the middle of a work week doesn't happen very often. It was necessary this time because I had to go to the dentist, and I'm still going to the same doctor I've been seeing for the past 18 years. But, I'm glad that Tzipi arrived when she did, so she could get two states out of her trip with me!

Since my family always went to the dentist together, my parents also had appointments this day. First, we went to their house, where Tzipi got to meet my mom's Pomeranian puppy, Buffy.

Buffy is a sweet little dog, but she is a puppy, and Tzipi would have been in mortal danger if I left them alone. I think you can tell she's a little concerned! But, don't worry! I never let Buffy get anywhere close and Tzipi was always safe with me.

Next it was off to the dentist. Tzipi read a neat article on wolves from an old National Geographic while we waited.

My regular hygienist was on vacation, so I got to see someone new. She was very kind to Tzipi and let her sit in the chair. It's ok, Tzipi, it's my cleaning, not yours!

Tzipi asked a lot of questions about what the girl was doing to me. We had to tell her that keeping your teeth clean is very important! Thankfully, I've never had a bad experience at my biannual cleaning, so I had nothing but good stories to tell.

This was the first time I had gone since I moved, so I had to make sure they had my new address. The new receptionist was having a hard time getting my address in the system. She couldn't understand why it was not automatically filling in the city and state when she entered the zip code. One of the more seasoned employees came in and told her she had to type it in manually because they don't have any other patients who live where I do, so the system doesn't recognize the zip code! She said I must be the only one who refuses to find a new dentist. Tzipi just stood by trying really hard not to laugh.

As is tradition, after getting our teeth scrubbed clean, we have to go dirty them up in some fantastic way. We decided to go to Sakura, a Japanese hibachi restaurant.

Tzipi is all ready with her iced tea and her chopsticks!

She just could not take her eyes off of the chef. He put on quite a show while preparing our meal.

After lunch, we all wanted to further compound our now-dirty teeth with some nice ice cream. But first, my mom decided she wanted a fancy new cell phone.

Tzipi liked this one the best and my mom agreed. She even let Tzipi play with it on the ride home!

But first, we needed ice cream! I got a coffee and mint to share with Tzipi. She said it was really good.

After out little Maryland adventure, I took her home and we both went to bed. It was a long day!

Tzipi was still sleeping when I had to leave for work on Thursday, so I let her spend the day with the Gnomes again. When I came home, she was on the couch with Miss Luna surrounded by Gnomes watching Jim Henson's The Storyteller. I think Tzipi has a fondness for Jim Henson!

Friday, Tzipi came to work with me again, and we had to stop by the post office to ship a Pirate Gnome to London. That Gnome got a great send-off!

Next is a day at home today, and then Sunday brunch with the Renaissance Festival crew tomorrow in Annapolis!


  1. How cool, I read that same article on National Geographic a little while ago, I love this magazine (and the TV channel too).

    Jim Henson is a sort of God for Foamies, they all admire him. He is the greatest dreamer of all times, in our book.

  2. I'm not surprised and I completely agree! We might watch Muppet Treasure Island tonight. Sending the Pirate Gnome off yesterday put us all in a pirate mood.

  3. Oh, I had no idea my little Pirate Gnome had such a great send-off! He says hello, btw..will have to get Muppet Treasure Island for him to watch...