Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Tzipi the World-Traveling Flutterbutt

A Flutterbutt is a soft, foamie creature born and bread in Israel and brought into the world by the very talented Sharona of raisinlike. One day Tzipi decided she wanted to see the world, so Sharona contacted her friends, helped Tzipi lace up her combat boots, and sent her on a world tour! Tzipi has seen many parts of England, Scotland, France, and New Zealand before making her way to the U.S. and finally to my little plot of land in Virginia. There was a bit of a mix-up with her flight, but here she is arriving safe and sound yesterday morning.

Tzipi had a long trip to get to me from Arizona. While she knows I just moved and was excited to help get me settled, I thought it would be a good idea to give her a chance to rest up.

First, she picked out a movie to watch. I had a lot of things in my collection that she'd never seen before. She chose the Muppet Movie. Good choice!

I did have to get some work done and Tzipi did a great job helping me make some books for Gnomes with Tomes™. She was amazed that they were just her size!

But, she did have a long day, so we both turned in early. She got to sleep in a special shell bed next to my Fairy House from Rachel with a bookcase nearby so she could read if she had trouble sleeping. Of course she had no trouble sleeping!

This morning meant I had to go to work. Tzipi got all dressed up and sat with Noam the Gnome while I worked. They chatted and told stories of their adventures (because Noam likes to travel too). The origami spiders liked to hear the stories too! Tzipi admitted to not being fond of spiders, but said the origami ones weren't bad.

Unfortunately, I had a dreadful migraine and had to leave work early. Tzipi said Noam showed her around my yard while I took a nap. I don't like them going outside alone, because there are many feral cats about, but Noam said they were safe.

Tomorrow, there is a big prospective client coming to the office and we've all been ordered to give a flawless first impression. Tzipi told me she was a little nervous because she doesn't have any real business attire with her. She's decided to hang at the house for the day. There are plenty of Gnomes to keep her company!


  1. My dear baby girl!!! She looks so lovely and well treated in your house, and I bet she and Noam hit it off real quick, she is a very chatty lady.

    Thank you for taking such good care of her, I can't wait to see what fun you guys will have next :o)

    Oh, and ask them to stay away from the feral cats. Flutterbutts don't like being devoured to death.

  2. Noam thought they were perfectly safe, which makes me wonder if he sneaks out of the house to hang with the Gnomes and Fairies in the garden frequently! Gnomes don't like to be devoured by cats either! Thankfully, the indoor cat, Miss Luna, is such a mellow kitty that she's leaving all of them alone. I did tell him to try to keep the fun indoors when I'm not with them. I don't need them going all the way to the lake without me! We have to head to Maryland tomorrow, so hopefully we can hang at the lake on Thursday.

  3. Noam probably resents being treated like an infant. That is often the case with the little knitted or foamie ones - they have sucj big hearts, it's easy for them to forget they are not very.. well.. you know.. tall.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head! That is exactly it. Noam is a well-traveled little Gnome. Of course the world isn't as dangerous to him as I know it is! Just wait till I tell you what they were up to today....

  5. all i have to say is sooo cooool!

  6. Fae! If you're at brunch on Sunday, you can meet Tzipi then! We've got to show her the best of Annapolis!

  7. "wave" Hi Tzipi, nice to see you on your travels again :-)