Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Hangin with the Gnomies

Because we had an important prospective client visiting the office on Tuesday, Tzipi didn't really want to come to work with me. That was perfectly alright, as there are plenty of Gnomes in my home to keep her company, and Miss Luna is a very mellow kitty who doesn't seem to bother them. I told Tzipi not to get into any trouble as Noam and I headed to work (Noam always comes with me, that's part of his job).

You would not believe what I found when I got home! Tzipi was on the couch surrounded by Gnomes and Sylphs and piggies of every kind, listening to Nigel, the Gnome with Tome, read a story.

It was the cutest thing ever! And Tzipi seemed to really enjoy it, particularly since she had helped me make some of those books the day she arrived.

After that, Tzipi helped me make dinner. It was noodles with salmon and veggies.

This is when I noticed one of the origami spiders has followed us home from the office on Monday. And Minty, the Woolly Gnome has really taken a liking to Tzipi too.

After dinner, we all settled down with Miss Luna to watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Wednesday is a trip to Maryland!

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  1. Tzipi loves noodles, and salmon too and she absolutely LOVES stories! Ahhh.. how I envy the little one. I would love to travel myself.