Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Quick Outing and New Friend Part 2

We're back! And we took Noam and Squirt with us to the dentist! They were both very scared and stayed well away as my dentist was working. I expected both of them to think the dentist was torturing me, but I guess they must have seen that I was perfectly fine and asked questions instead (questions that I could only answer with an unladylike grunt!).

Does it hurt? What's that thing for? Does it taste good?

Noam spent time talking to the receptionist while Squirt took a nap as we were waiting for my parents to get done. I let them both to their thing, since I had projects to work on.

This is my friend!
After getting nice clean teeth, it's tradition that we go and dirty them up again. We went to Red Robin because we needed the fast service we have come to expect from them in order to make our movie in time. The nice people gave Noam and Squirt some crayons and a place mat with games so they could play while we waited for food. They were joined by the origami bunnies too!

Squirt likes to color.

We all had fun finding words!
After lunch was the movie. This is what Noam was really looking forward to. It was his first movie! Even Squirt, who had only joined us that morning, was excited to be seeing it.

Shh, it's starting!

. . . .

I know Noam and our new friend Squirt had a great day out and about. Noam tells me that Squirt, being such a little piggy, doesn't like going out much. He's afraid he will get lost in the big world. I can understand that. Since this trip, Squirt stays home most of the time. He likes it there. There is room in Noam's Gnomish Travel Basket for Squirt when he does decide to come with us.

Noam's next adventure will be the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I've been waiting to bring Noam to this for months. It should be great fun!

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