Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They're Here!

Gnomish Travel Baskets have arrived!

They're nice and big so there's plenty of room for a Gnome and all the things he finds on his travels. A seat belt is secured by a single button in the back. This strap can be twisted to make a tighter, more secure fit. A button on the right secures the hanging strap.

Your Gnome can travel in his basket . . .

. . . on your purse . . .

. . . on your belt . . .

. . . or from the mirror in your car!

I bet you can think of many more places to secure your Gnome in his Gnomish Travel Basket! Noam and I tested it thoroughly. He was tipped this way and that in his basket over the past week, and even fell out of a bag and rolled to the floor of my car (that's what I get for not securing him to the bag!). The whole time, he stayed secure and safe in his basket. We're certain your Gnome will love his Gnomish Travel Basket!

Gnomes fit snugly inside and are secured with a seat belt. There's plenty of room if your Gnome should be wearing his Gnomish Cape of Warmth, too!

The Gnomish Cape of Warmth is ready also. It's a simple cape that fastens around a Gnome's neck with a small loop and button. Keep your Gnome cozy and warm in the coming cold seasons!

Here is the Gnomish Travel Basket with a Gnomish Cape of Warmth. Both are available by special request. You're seeing a Gnomish Travel Basket in forest browns and greens and a Gnomish Cape of Warmth in camouflage browns. (You may have noticed that Noam's Gnomish Travel Basket is a nice, sage green.) Almost any color is available.


  1. Those are soooo adorable! What a great idea. I especially like the idea of hanging it from the car window! Maybe there can be a little outside pocket on the basket for change, money, or a PDA. Thanks, love you blog

  2. Thank you! There's actually a fair bit of room inside the basket for little things like bills, change, and keys (and anything else a Gnome might find on his travels: buttons, acorns, neat mushrooms). Noam likes to hold my shopping list and a few business cards. ;)

  3. Hunter loves his basket and cape of warmth! He's actually sporting the cape (it's cold in the house) and has been hanging in his basket, suspended from the lamp next to my bed. We've already taken it to work, and he's hung on the file cabinet drawer handle. I'm not sure if he'll ever get out again! He's quite content just hangin'! Laurel

  4. I'm so glad that Hunter loves his cape and basket!

    Noam hasn't started wearing his cape yet, but I think his basket is permanently attached to my purse so he won't miss a thing! (Though, he is a little mad at me, I have more summer adventures to post and I've been doing other things!)