Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Thirteen Gnomes of Halloween - Number One

Garden Gnomes come together to bring you 13 Elementals in fun and creepy costumes!

I've been working hard getting Gnomes all ready for Halloween. Starting today, I will be listing one Halloween Gnome a day. There are thirteen Gnomes in this collection, each one cute, cuddly, and maybe a little creepy. While all are one of a kind right now, some will never be duplicated.

The first Gnome is the Witch and her Black Cat. She holds a little broom, ready to take to the sky! Check out my shop for more details.


  1. Well, I tried to wait until the rest of the gnomes came out, but I had to have her! Laurel

  2. Somehow, I'm not surprised! And you never know who else may have wanted her while you were waiting. ;)

    Thank you!