Friday, August 28, 2009

One Quick Outing and New Friend Part 1

Poor Noam! I forgot to put up this adventure. He's mad at me. This turned out to be a very important day for him. Not only was it his first trip to the dentist, and his first movie, he met a new friend!

The day started like any other day. Noam and I were going to join my parents on the back patio for breakfast before we went to our appointment. Noam noticed something on the fountain that I didn't notice.

What's that?

When he went over to look, he found something wonderful! A tiny three-legged piggy! He was just like the bigger piggies that Noam plays with every day while they're waiting for new homes, only much much smaller. Noam said his name was Squirt, because he is definitely the runt of the three-legged piggy family. Squirt's voice is too soft for me to hear.

Hi, Squirt!

Noam, being the wonderfully friendly Gnome that he is, invited Squirt to say with us. They both shared my breakfast.

We like the fruit!
Since this day was a day for going to the dentist. I had to show Noam and Squirt how to brush their teeth. I'm so happy that I had a little Noam-sized toothbrush! Squirt needed some extra help.

Am I supposed to eat that?
And, we must not forget to floss!
That's not how you do it, guys!
Tomorrow, we'll see what happened at the dentist, and after! Stay tuned!

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