Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trading Gnomes

The wonderful artist and creator of RhagDolls has been a guest vendor at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for the past three years, including this year. She gets to spend a weekend or two selling her wonderful dolls. I have bought one every year. The first year, my doll was dressed in blue, and matched the outfit I wore that day. The second year, my doll was dressed in purple and green, my two favorite colors. This year, I bought a Wizard of Air.

She also made little Gnome dolls. They all had fluffy white beards, red or black pants, red or blue shirts, and a red hat. For my very first trade experience, we traded Gnomes! I made one to match her Gnome colors just for her.

Here they are together before my Gnome was delivered. Aren't they cute little brother Gnomes?!

I adore this doll maker and her beautiful and fun dolls. I'm so happy that my first trading experience was with this fantastic artist. I can't wait to see her back at the festival next year.

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