Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Noam's Family Weekend Part 2

Before heading off to my brother's place, we hung out at the hotel to give people a chance to get home from work. And, take a much needed nap!

I get my own bed. And it's huge!

My brother's awesome home is actually a little farm. He's still working on getting it going, but he had a nice little vegetable garden.

Maybe I can help!

My brother couldn't do much as he was recovering from surgery, but my sister-in-law took us to an awesome book fair. It's two big warehouses full of cheap books! Heaven!

I like the cookbooks best!

After we bought our hearts out with books, we hung out and watched a couple movies. Noam played with the cats.

Ichus wasn't all that scary.

Winston kinda scared me.

Then it was one more night in the hotel and a long drive home. Thankfully, my parents took Noam and I straight home and we didn't have to ride the Metro back.

It was a fun little weekend!

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