Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maws and Shrooms

A couple weeks ago, a friend asked if I could crochet "the Maw," a blobby alien featured in an Xbox game. I don't have an Xbox and don't play the game, but I told my friend to send me a picture and I'd give it a try. After completing the first Maw, four other people said they wanted one too.

Run, sheep, run!!!

This was an exceptionally fun pattern to design. The head, body, eyeball, tongue, and collar are all made with acrylic yarn. The teeth are felt. These guys are stuffed with polyester fiber fill and polypropylene beads in the body for weight and support. One of these guys has a few random herbs in the head as well. I don't order them, I just make them!

Each Maw took about four hours to make. I'm actually very happy to say I'm done! Yay!

Another friend of mine had asked for a Garden Gnome. His Garden Gnome had to be special, though. It had to be holding a little mushroom. Now, my Gnomes don't have arms, so I figured a little mushroom (especially one at the scale of the Garden Gnomes) would be kind of difficult. I did suggest to my friend that I could make a significantly larger Gnome, based on a kokeshi-style pattern I have, and that would make little shrooms much easier. He never got back to me on which style he wanted me to work on, so I started with a traditional Gnome.

Gnome with shroom!

I've decided that I need to confirm if I can or cannot do something before I start suggesting alternatives. This Gnome, like all other Gnomes, is made from acrylic yarn, has safety eyes, and is stuffed with polyester fiber fill and polypropylene beads. The little mushroom was crocheted with a size 1 hook (almost too big) and cotton embroidery floss. It is stuffed with clippings from the Gnome's beard. The Garden Gnome took me about three hours to complete, as they tend to do. The arms and mushroom took an additional three hours to complete. Yikes! I must say, as fun as it was to crochet with embroidery floss, these guys will be very very rare. My fingers can't take too much of it!

I hope everyone likes what I made for them!

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