Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A few people have expressed admiration over the tiny crocheted shroom that my last Gnome was holding. Some of these people have asked me to make just the shroom and sometimes multiples. The difficulty of crocheting tightly with a tiny hook and slick cotton fibers means that I would like to avoid doing that again if at all possible. So, I can offer my friends some alternatives.

These three little red caps were made out of polymer clay. These guys are terribly easy to make and I can do several in a short amount of time. While I don't plan to sell any in my shop at this time, they will be used as props in many of the pictures I'll take for the shop. These are just about the same shape as the crocheted shroom and can stand on their own.

The other option is a needle felted shroom. Made out of unidentified types of wool, I can make one in one sixth of the time it took to crochet one. This was just a quick sample, I've got more roving on the way that I will use to make a few more. If any Gnome ever needs to hold another shroom, it will be a felted one.

If all else fails, I will point my friends to a few Etsy sellers who do seem to specialize in tiny crochet (and have tiny crocheted shrooms at times). My fingers just can't take much of it.

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