Monday, February 2, 2009

Garden Gnomes: The Beginning

Almost a year ago, a friend of mine was having some odd health issues. She was gaining weight and couldn't diet or exercise it off. She was extremely tired and spent a lot of time feeling ill. She thought she had a parasite in her stomach. Her partner teased her about that, and said it was a garden gnome. Truly, I have no idea how she came up with that!

In honor of her partner's assessment, I made my friend the very first Garden Gnome.

She spent quite a while dealing with her complaints until one morning, when she swore up and down that she could feel the mysterious Garden Gnome parasite moving around in her belly. With great concern, she left work to see a doctor and returned with news that shocked everyone but me: she was seven months pregnant! I had told her it was probably that, but she denied it with certainty.

As it happened, the nickname of Garden Gnome just stuck with her little son, so I suppose I could say my little godson is the inspiration behind my Garden Gnomes, and definitely why they are the main focus of my crocheting. How is that for a beginning?

Next: Garden Gnomes evolve, did you know they could?

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