Saturday, November 7, 2009

Story Time

Well, I'm sorry to say that I can't get this screenshot of my treasury any bigger without it getting fuzzy.

I wanted to tell you about this treasury, and why I chose the items I chose.

Some of you may already know, I am a sailor. I started sailing in 1995. My father crewed on a beautiful 36 Catalina called Gone with the Wind that was owned by one of his coworkers, Paul. When he invited me to go on a short weekend sail, I jumped at it.

I became a part of the regular crew for the sailing association's Wednesday night races. I even stopped taking violin lessons, which were on the same night, because I wanted to sail. I crewed for Paul, who became a very dear friend to my father and I, until his death in 2005. In addition to the races (which we only won once, Gone with the Wind was not a racing vessel!), Paul took his crew out for a weekend cruise once a year at the end of the season.

For two seasons after Paul's passing, I crewed on another boat, Tzatsky Too, that was owned by a long friend of Paul's and a member of the sailing association. His boat was smaller by eight feet, and a different make, though I don't remember it now. It took some getting used to after 10 years on Gone with the Wind.

The reasons I stopped sailing aren't important here. Circumstances make it not possible now, and I think my father still sails on Tzatsky Too. My father was also once a member of the US Coast Guard, so ships, the sea, and all things nautical are of great interest to us.

Some of the items in my Treasury are cool ships and fun pirate things and really creative jewelry. I particularly love the paintings, and the photograph in the bottom center that reminds me of some of the images I captured of sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay from the deck of a sailboat. Like this one:

© EMB 2004

The journal in the left of the first row is another favorite. I love the "map" cover. The lighthouse plaque was included because, while it's not a ship, lighthouses are also one of my passions and very important structures in the days of sail. Benjamin Franklin says "lighthouses are more helpful than churches."

Etsy has some truly awesome maritime-themed items. I was wishing that the Treasury was not limited to the 12 items I've shown, because I would have showcased many more. They all take me back to that wonderful time in my life when I was surrounded by friends, with wind in the sails and land far in the distance.

Where the ocean meets the sky, I'll be sailing.

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