Monday, November 30, 2009

Forum Madness

I love the Etsy forums. Maybe too much, really. They keep me occupied when I should be working. But, they can be fun.

This evening, someone asked about what we think the trends will be in 2010 (we've seen a ton of owls and cowls this year). Of course, I had something to say about it:

Gnomes, of course! Seriously, the Underground Gnome Revolution will surface very, very soon. I can tell. They talk to me. The Gnomes. They're telling me to get back to work.

I hope everyone had a grand holiday weekend! Viva la Gnome Revolution!

In other news, some new Gnomes were listed in the shop today, as well as a new Piggy, and the Holiday Gnomes are coming. I'll get several up over the next couple days. Want a preview? You got it!

This next one, while not a holiday Gnome, is a much anticipated release here. We at the Gnome Garden have been toiling so hard on this line. I hope all of you will like it as much as we (that is the we that is I) do!

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