Friday, January 2, 2009


Welcome to Fyrecreek's Bazaar!

This blog will track my many crafting creations that will soon be found for sale.

The things you will find here:

I love to crochet. I've been crocheting since I was quite young and have been making small dolls for a little more than a year. I also make scarves and hats. Macramé is another of my yarn craft passions. Most of the items you will find in my shop are crocheted dolls; Garden Gnomes are my specialty and what started this whole mess. This will eventually be expanded to a whole line of elementals (gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders). The other main crochet feature in my shop will be three-legged good luck pigs.

Fabric crafting will be found here too. Some time ago, I started making non-removable, one of a kind clothing for 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls. Typically, I will use Barbie brand dolls as bases. You will likely not find any of these dolls in my shop, but this hobby has allowed me to collect an abundance of fabric and fabric bits.

This naturally transitioned into all-fabric spirit dolls. Calling them all-fabric is not entirely accurate, as I use many things to embellish them: clay faces, yarn, wood, feathers, beads. Spirit dolls are made with special intentions when the inspiration hits, and they are near impossible for me to plan in advance.

My work in macramé and beads led to a fairly new-found passion in mala making. Mala means "garland" in Sanskrit, and it is simply a round of prayer beads. Most of my mala strands use wooden beads or gemstones. While they are made with a number of beads relevant to Buddhist practice, they are designed to be non-denominational.

I have plans for other things to be featured in my shop, but these will be the main items for now. More info on each, a website, and the shop itself are coming soon! Thanks for taking the time to have a look!

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