Friday, April 16, 2010

Sneak Peek

For the past few weeks, I've had a dreadful recurring nightmare. In it, the zombies have invaded. We're fighting back, but loosing ground. Truly, in this nightly horror, the zombies are winning.

I've tried all I can to change the vision. I've tried to arm my dream-self with lots of guns. I've tried to think of other things before going to sleep in hopes that some other dream will appear to me. I've even tried writing it down, thinking that once it's played out I'll be done with it. Nothing seems to be working.

So, in the spirit of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" I'm bringing back the Zombie Gnome! Do you remember the Zombie Gnome from the Thirteen Gnomes of Halloween collection? They are back! There are more of them! And they still want your brains!

There's another addition to my undead Gnomish horde. You may remember the blood-sucking Vampire Gnome* from my Halloween collection. That guy was done in Dracula style. Well, Stephenie Meyer reinvented the vampire and the Garden Gnomes couldn't help but try it out! Joining the Gnomish ranks are Sparkly Vampires, complete with kind gold eyes and dripping blood! My camera can't quite capture the sparkly thread that has been working into these Gnomish Vampires. Also new for Garden Gnomes: hair made out of hairpin lace! Since vampires are always a little different (and that can't be more true than in the Twilight mythos), these Gnomes have abandoned their hats!

You can't get either of these fun Gnomes yet, but look for them soon in both my Etsy and Zibbet** shops! Contact me if you want to order one now!!

* The Blood-Sucking Vampire Gnome is still available! Let me know if you'd rather have this 'traditional' Vampire Gnome!
** Zibbet shop is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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