Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Ongoing Saga

Miss Luna has her cardiologist appointment on Thursday. I'll be gone tomorrow because of a dentist appointment (my dentist is still near where my parents' live, I didn't bother to find a new one when I moved). I think she knew I would be away for the day as she was acting very down when I left this morning.

I did finally get a chance to explain to my roommate why I need to get Miss Luna tested for bartonellosis (or, rather, that I will ask a doctor about it) even when her doctor said it wasn't necessary to test the other cats. Simply stating, if I ever want the diabetic cat that I had to leave with my parents in my home again, I need to know exactly what she may be exposed to. My roommate seemed a bit more understanding about it.

They both got the impression that I was in a pissed-off mood when we talked last week. I kind of was, but not at them or the kitten who was the start of the whole mess - just the mess in general. Particularly since the ordeal cost me far more money for one cat than it cost them for three, and Miss Luna far more stress (to include a night in the ER) than their cats had to endure. How can I not be upset about it? But, it is out of my control, and that's why I'm not bitter or blaming.

Just paying my bills and scheduling follow-ups as needed.

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