Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gnomish Research

Gnomes inhabit the realm of folklore for most people. Indeed, I couldn't tell you where I learned what I know of Gnomes: their red hats and fluffy beards, the affinity for gardens and mushrooms. How do we know these things? There is no how, we just know. Heard it somewhere, saw it somewhere, just knew.

For my birthday that just passed, my dear friends presented me with a book. This book is large, it has that musty, old book smell. The dust jacket is secured with tape. There is writing on some of the pages. It was a fine book in its day. Now, it's mine. My book of Gnomes.

In reading this book, I'm finding many things that I already knew, from somewhere. I'm also learning things about Gnomes that I didn't know. They are wonderful beings. I have told the story of how they came into my life, but I can't explain how thoroughly they've settled in and taken over. I love every minute of it.

"To my amazement, I have heard that there are people who have never seen a gnome. I can't help pitying these people. I am certain there must be something wrong with their eyesight."
~ Axel Munthe

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  1. I remember that book when I was a little girl. My friend also had a small figurine that looked just like the gnome on the cover---apparently, those figurines are worth a LOT of money nowadays. Enjoy your book! Laurel